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    GoodRx is a useful online service which helps users find lowest price medicine in local and online pharmacies in your area. Using GoodRx is really simple. All you have to do is enter the name of the drug and your location, and it will tell you about all the pharmacies nearby as well as national mail order companies. You can even modify the search criteria by selecting a distance within your location, medicine form (tablet or liquid), quantity, store type and more. The website contains over...

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      Convenient, affordable prescription drugs Find the lowest prices at local and online pharmacies Save 20-80% even if you have insurance

    • Angela Cable

      GoodRx, awesome site, put in the name of your medication and zip code and it finds the best price. Discovered that my cat's medication is 75% cheaper at another pharmacy.

    • Luiza De Resende Braga

      bupropion disconto - Compare drug prices at over 70,000 pharmacies, and discover free coupons and savings tips. Even if you have insurance or Medicare, GoodRx can often find you a better price.

    • Melody G.

      Different pharmacies tend to charge different prices for the same drug but as consumers, we don’t have that much information about medicine prices. Sometimes, companies even offer discounts on medicines which many of us are unaware of but thanks to GoodRx, we can track of all the above mentioned things. Read more: GoodRx: Find Lowest Price Medicine Across Different Pharmacies

    • Amy Dennis

      GoodRx Website searches current best price on prescription meds by zip code

    • Marian Matha-Fromknecht

      Prescription Medicine Price Checker (by zip code) - GoodRx rx

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      Discounts and pharmacy price comparisons on prescription meds

    • Sara Ebersole

      Prescription drug price comparison

    • Donney John

      GoodRx - compare drug prices

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    Great Idea for medicine organization. You can store it away and STILL be able to find exactly what you need!

    you may find some comforting in REMEMBERING if you took that med :)

    .Long list of VERY helpful websites for beginners to advance , covers almost any product or how to.

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    Just like the dosing instructions and additional information on the label, the expiration date on the packaging is there for reason. Once a medicine has reached its expiration date, it may not provide the treatment that you need. Follow these three simple steps to dispose of OTC medicines in your household trash.

    liquid medication dosage via sharpie

    Nicely done AND useful!

    Website for calculating what time you should go to bed depending on what time you have to get up. It's not based on how many hours of sleep you need but rather where in the cycle you would wake up. Waking up in the middle of a sleep cycle leaves you feeling tired and groggy, but waking up in between cycles lets you wake up feeling refreshed and alert!

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    Some moms are just super smart!

    GOING TO BUY TEETHING GEL AND PUT IT EVERYWHERE SO I HAVE SOME ANYWHERE !!! Orajel for Mosquito Bites- This is a sure fix for mosquito bites. Every time you get bitten by a mosquito, use Orajel or any toothache gel medicine and it works! It stops the itching instantly and will not itch again. It isn't greasy, sticky, or smelly. It's convenient to put right in your pocket. I MUST TRY THIS.

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    Eat un-shelled pistachiois to help reduce calorie intake

    Disability Grants: Guide to Grants for the Disabled Check out our 'useful information' section on our website for details of a great site for saving you time in finding disability grants; from wheelchairs to housing and education. #Ehlersdanlos #Hypermobility #HMS #HEDS Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome

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