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    • Cameron Ruggles

      Nicotiana Sylvestris! Woodland tobacco - this has a much lower nicotine content then normal tobacco, produces large leaves and is very tall - it is most known for its very unique fragrant smell from the many flowers it produces. Seeds are tiny but easy to germinate and plant is easy to grow.

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    Use Banana Peels as Fertilizer for Blueberry Bushes, I put them into my kitchen blender and right to the soil by the plant

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    Blue Glow stones–you can put them in your yard, along your driveway, wherever, and they glow at night after soaking sun all day. I think I like the blue stones better than the green. They look like a river around the patio.

    Water garden in a barrel.

    Marilyn Monroe rose. This color is burned into the brains of nearly all men my age.

    cinnamon in gardening (this says you can use cinnamon in place of root hormone powder-- hmm)

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    Catclaw vine - can take the hot afternoon sun and should keep leaves in zone 9-11 in winter, that's a plus!

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    chinese fringe flower "great example of what this plant does naturally"

    Planting Daffodils - I would love to plant one of our fields like this.

    sampaguita (aka arabian jasmine), the flower of the philippines. very pretty, strong fragrance.


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