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Uniting metaphysically is completely okay because we all know that there are definitely others of us out there. We can be found on a special place called "The Internet".

Just taking a break…

I would do this...I am always leaving stuff on the back burner which gets hot if the oven is on. I left the diaper bag, milk, etc...i generally catch it before its too bad though haha.

When people ask me about my weekend…hahahahahahahaha

Obligatory first re-pin, dedicated to anyone with an arachnophobic spouse or family member ;-)

Look at me,I'm Chandler.Could I BE wearing anymore clothes?!? My favorite Friends scene...

This is why Monica and Rachel will always be so relatable :) the best

"Well, tell me which one and I'll try to slip it in my coat."

F.r.i.e.n.d.s We need to just bit e the bullet and get all the seasons...and watch ALL of them:)