Would this be too much ???

Black and blue long flashy false eyelashes. What costume do you think these are for? Get creative this Halloween and add false eyelashes to your or get any eyelashes that match your eye color to make your eyes POP even more!

Bluejay by bitterstarlite on Makeup Geek: Love this, because it almost looks like raven feathers.super for Halloween, or rave, or goth night out. ⬅️ is previous comment I get a mockingjay (hunger games) feeling from it

удивительно, круто, креатив, мило, глаза

Nightmare Before Christmas eyes. Katie Alves is inspired by movie scenes to create super detailed face art. She's super talented.

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Fabulous liner drawn to look like lashes

Liner drawn to look like lashes - great for a costume! Halloween make up ideas

"Colorful Bird" by Cecilie featuring Sugarpill Toxic eyelashes.

Colorful Bird :) Makeup Tutorial

Eye Make Up Ideas from Alli Simpsons Blog!

Art Rainbow Candy Eye Makeup Decorations - This Halloween go as a super hot Candy Striper. These colorful candy like dots can be applied easily with eyelash adhesive for a rainbow of color!

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Entire Disney Make-up Collection. So Far. I love how on the Nightmare Before Christmas one, she brought Oogie's house out past her lid n brow.

Gilded lashes

Ever used gold False eyelashes on blue eyes with no eye makeup and gold mascara to match the color of the eyebrows. Would you buy gold mascara?

"O, beware, my lord, of jealousy;  It is the green-ey'd monster, which doth mock  The meat it feeds on. "    William Shakespeare

SEE MORE HERE: [link] photo/model:yeap its me and this is real makeup and some ps touchups as always! i painted my whole face but you know how much i lo. eye am a green fairy

Julie Begin came in March 2013 to Make Up First ® to teach her master classes!  Looking forward for her return!

ashleymaybruck: gorgeous feather eye makeup done by makeup artist Julie Begin. Fun for a photoshoot or costume!

All the princesses

Disney-Inspired Eye Makeup Designs: Get The Look! (Video tutorials photos) Perfect for timing for Halloween. I love the Little Mermaid one!