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    MATIAZZI, He Said, She Said Chair - Italy || “Mattiazzi disproves the modern myth that mechanized manufacturing is not a craft.” #wood #design #chairs #furniture

    Splinter by Nendo for Conde House

    WOOD DESIGN BLOG || A selection of images from around the web in the last week featuring wood in design || #inspiration #wood #design || Mike Lam - Console Table

    WOOD DESIGN INSPIRATION || Side Table || #furniture #table #wood

    WOOD DESIGN BLOG || Kasper Hamacher, Belgium || “There is a clearly perceptible difference between the purely natural and the technological product. Some things, such as the warmth of the wood, the smell and feel of leather, the individual elements and so on are impossible to reproduce” #furniture #maker #design #Belgium

    WOOD DESIGN || TOP 10 EUROPEAN MAKERS || European makers combine strong tradition with distinct styles that range in material form the discarded to the highly manufactured , here’s the top 10 designers as judged by the popularity of the posts. #wood #furniture #design #European

    WOOD DESIGN || TOP 10 WESTERN NORTH AMERICA MAKERS|| As we’ve reached 300 makers we wanted to recap on several aspects of Wood Design, starting with the top 10 makers in Western North America as judged by the popularity of each post. || #wood #design #furniture

    WOOD DESIGN || ARCHITECTURAL DETAILS || WOOD WINDOWS || Wood frames and shutters in contemporary architecture || #architecture #wood #design

    COUNCIL - San Francisco, USA || “Design aficionados rarely have any difficulty spotting Scandinavian design, Italian design, and American mid-century classics. But what is modern American design? We think we have found it in the way we curate our collection” #wood #furniture #world

    "Linger A Little Longer" Table by Jay Watson, uses a thermochromic finish to respond to the heat of objects and people, bringing to light the impact of the user on his furniture.

    WOOD DESIGN || TOP 10 LIGHTING || Lighting is one of the most interesting areas of development in design with advances in technology, and these makers have combined this with wood to create stunning illumination. #lighting #wood #design Designtree - #NewZealland

    SETH KELLER - USA || “I am interested in exploring the systems of manufacture, design and culture and bringing form to objects based on my research and observation.” #USA #furniture #wood

    NOON STUDIO - Jar Light || "Their philosophy combines honesty of materials, simplicity in execution and excellence in design, which particularly caught our attention in their lighting products." #wood #design #lighting #accessories

    WOOD DESIGN || TOP 10 EASTERN NORTH AMERICAN DESIGNERS || Continuing our series of top 10′s, this one devoted to designers from Eastern North America as judged by the popularity of the posts. #wood #design #furniture #American #Eastern