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Here’s a lovely late June flower arrangement with Peonies, Echinacea ...

So lovely for the center of a kitchen island or table to bring a bit of spring into the house.

When it comes to pink peonies, the bigger the better. Photo by Michael Hampton

magnificent peony arrangement. wish this was on my kitchen table right now.

Gorgeous green arrangement with cascading floral. Love the variety, looks wild and handpicked. Perfect natural colours.

If you wouldn't wear the colors together then don't arrange them together.  Stick to a consistent color palette that is in fashion and they will most likely look great together. Choose 3 colors for an easy combination (think two main colors and 1 accent color).   Or do many shades of the same color and keep it tonal.

Pink peony #wedding bouquet - pretty for a beach wedding - fuchsia, blush and soft pink with green

gorgeous arrangement with peach anemones, white hyacinth and rosemary - I absolutely love this! It has the colors I want for my wedding and I love anemones!