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iPhone strap (gadgets, ideas, inventions, cool, fun, amazing, new, interesting, product, design, clever, practical, useful)

Finally, a solution for those who want a physical keyboard for the iPhone.

Dual Guard iPhone 4/4S case from Monoprice

Une Bobine takes the segmented, flexible metal cables of the sort used in industrial light fixtures and adapts it for iPhone charging, allowing the cable itself to serve as a stand.

Sinch a simple and seemingly effective way to wrap your headphone cords. It's essentially two magnets encased in a rubber strip. It looks promising, however at $15 I might pass on this one.

iPhone camera Lens / Like the world’s best photographers find your unique angle, on the mundane or the insane.

Kogeto Dot Panoramic iPhone Lens ($50) lets you take full 360 degree photos and video using nothing but your phone. Thanks to a dedicated app, you simply hold your phone face-down and let the iConic lens capture your surroundings

telephoto lens for iphone 5 & 4s

Seems like this is just as likely to be stolen. Why not camouflage it as a bar of gold instead? :D iiPhone case camouflages itself as an internal hard drive