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A study found that those who sipped up to one drink a day -- liquor, wine, or beer -- had a lower risk of developing high blood pressure than nondrinkers.

This is a fantastic list! A LOT of these are on my usual snack list... I'd also add some 2% Cottage Cheese!

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100+ Healthy, Delicious and Easy Lunchbox Snacks

You don't have to sit around a fire to enjoy S'mores. Just be sure to watch them carefully under the broiler--the marshmallows can go from perfectly toasted to charcoal in a hurry.

For great skin, eat salmon, & consume lots of antioxidants. Salmon's high omega-3 content helps hydrate skin from the inside out & reduce the inflammation that can cause skin redness. And antioxidant-rich foods & drinks—blueberries, dark greens, green tea & coffee—help fight free radicals that can damage the cellular structures of the skin, accelerating skin aging.

Step 1: Use as grocery list; buy all. Step 2: Prepare all in snack size portions. Step 3: Have on hand at all times. Step 4: Eat THESE instead of those. Step 5: Feel better; lose weight. (note to self: good welcome home food item for a new mom.)

Healthy snacks at-the-ready protect us from bad food choices. Here are 88 great ideas to prep ahead for home and work --> only 100 calories #snackattack #cleaneating