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Las peores carátulas de la historia

bad album cover (11)

Few people realize what a great dancer Dracula was. He's known mostly for that blood sucking thing.

They don't make them like this anymore. All these via the excellent Twitter account Bad Album Covers. A few of these are kinda NSFW...

This isn't a real album, but rather an entry in a bad album cover photoshop contest. Link takes you to the winners.

Honestly this isn't a Halloween album, but the cover fits in this category.

I can breathe through the hole in my mouth!

bad album cover

Seriously. Pierce the Veil. Collide with the Sky.

Super héroe del todo a 100

Chick needlessly documented the sexual harassment of the cover model to his demise and arrest, as it was used as evidence in court.

Cocktail Swing — Jack Sterling | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Truly Weird Album Cover

In summer orchestra one year in 1981 or 1982, we had to play this thing over and over again, because it was our teacher's favorite song.

really bad album covers - Google Search

When things get too hetero..

"Cuz only she can do my hair!" (the great Wayne Cochran)

Archie Campbell Jokes | ... : Vintage Reads #34: Archie Campbell's Bedtime Stories for Adults

it made his eyes go funny.

Now there’s a record that should get you going.

These are your aunts. These are your aunts after taking advantage of the free beer at your cousin's wedding. Any questions?