Hang a shower caddy on the opposite side of the shower with a coat hook so it doesn't interfere with the faucet- Duh!!!! And stuff doesnt get all mildewy and gross!

Add An Extra Shower Curtain Rod To The Shower And Hang Caddies From It To Save Space.

Use a tension shower curtain rod (only $8!) under the sink for hanging bottles of cleaner. This blog has other great kitchen organizing tips!

buy an extra fitted sheet instead of a bedskirt; (this site has tons of other tips for around the house too!) duh!!!

Use doorknobs to hang up individual shower caddies for each member of your family.

Curtain rod... with shower curtain hooks to hang up utensils in the kitchen! brilliant! OR CAFE ROD FOR A MINI COFFEE STATION

Instantly hang a second sheer curtain panel behind existing curtains using a bungee cord instead of hanging a second pole.

Trim painting made easy. Um, duh!

hang curtains from the ceiling... to avoid measuring, also makes ceilings look really high

Hanging bathroom towels decoratively


Never thought of putting the shower organizer on the wall instead of over the shower head where is constantly slides down.

Find a cheap CD tower and turn it on its side for extra bathroom storage

rod on side of cabinet

Love the hanging crates with baskets for the entry!

Did this in my bathroom using a $6 magazine organizer and some double-sided tape. It successfully holds (and hides) the blow dryer and flat iron!

Shower caddies??

Hang under a desk. I need one. Now.

kensie 'Rhea' Shower Curtain available at #Nordstrom

Organize Your Whole House with One Trip to the Dollar Store ~ MAD IN CRAFTS. Love this idea. dUH!