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Ryan More 'Con' Than 'Pro' For Romney, Say Insiders

WASHINGTON -- Start with the truism: A vice presidential pick doesn't matter. Dead wrong. Look at recent history: In 1992, a photo op with Al Gore and his family helped domesticate the image of Bill Clinton. Dick Cheney in 2000 added Dutch uncle g...
  • Amanda Folk

    Paul Ryan candidacy more harm than help to Romney, insiders suggest (Slide 7)

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9 Fun Facts about Paul Ryan: Medicare, Medicaid, Women's Health

Mitt Romney and his two latest endorsers, Marco Rubio and Paul Ryan, are so similarly wrong on so many of the issues, we can hardly tell these three amigos apart.

I understand conservative values, although I don't agree with them, I can respect them. Ryan doesn't even understand them.

Obama showed his birth certificate! Romney must show his tax returns!!

Do you think I can deduct Tito, my Miniature Schnauzer, from my taxes? Come on. He's my therapy. Keeps me from losing my mind when I read about the one-percent.

[sigh] pants on fire, on live TV.... The American people can still read despite the attempts to put is back 200 years... For the people, by the people.....

As Romney would say, "Thanks for serving our country, but now you can go f*** yourself."

My kind of guy :)

"You gotta give Mitt Romney credit. He's a job creator- in Singapore, China, India." Say it, Joe.

I do not think they know what it means. ... This applies to Paul Ryan too, who used social security monies to pay for college.