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Which is more deadly - the brew or the witch?

"Deep into that darkness peering, long I stood there wondering, fearing, Doubting, dreaming dreams no mortal ever dared to dream before..." ~ The Raven | Edgar Allan Poe #poe

whisperingwillow: shitgaze: "The nearest I’d come to feeling anything like God was the plain blue cloudless sky and a certain silence, but how do you pray to that?" Astrid, White Oleander x (via bloginterrupted-deactivated2010)


vi0letnocturne: La muse de l’ombreby *Niiveleggelja

I don't exactly know where or what this pic is from...or of, but it's titled "Ostara Ritual". So I will go with that. ;) Besides, it is a beautiful shot. Aww beautiful Witchcraft.

Anny by ~eastbreeze on deviantART

I am a witch. I can make you my slave... Заговорить цепь у реки и кинуть на середину реки: «Раба(у)(имя нужного человека) на цепь сажаю, воли лишаю, себе на век подчиняю. Дело своё Чертям водяным поручаю. Пока цепь на дне будет лежать, рабу(е)(имя нужного человека) от рабства не убежать. Аминь!» P.S. Don't hate somebody's scar if that doesn't exist.

Women are all angels, And when someone breaks their wings, they fly on brooms. ~unknown