love worn ballet shoes...

love worn ballet shoes and dirty tights.I love this.

Selected photos on : Ballet. 8 Dancers by Marco Maria D'Ottavi ballet dancer by Remita Moshkova (Kishmariia) Ballerina on the by YoungGeun Kim Dance by 酸 酸 One leg and nothing else by Little Shao Beauty is everywhere. by Kornel Michalič


Ballet is an incredibly difficult, beautiful art form that takes a lot of training, a lot of time, and a lot of hard work.

colorful pointe shoes

Rainbow Ballet Shoes photography colorful To be more specific- point shoes*

Out side the pointe sho she's sensitive and graceful and inside she's rough and scared❤️❤️

NYC Ballet dancers reveal what they have given up since childhood to pursue their passion.- I know this isn't irish dance but it shows the sacrifices dancers make & how they are absolutely worth it!



After many years of trying to work up to pointe I finally did it! and I can't wait to break in my Bloch pointe shoes that are so far AMAZING for my feet. Defiantly will be continuing pointe for as long as possible

Always wanted to learn pointe.just need someone to teach me.My comment: you don't simply learn pointe

Resultado de imagen para cuadros de calas pintadas en acrilico

Resultado de imagen para cuadros de calas pintadas en acrilico