Daydreaming kittens.

a quieter storm

This is serious group hug. So sweet

♥ cat and kitty ♥

Fur and feathers. Awwww...

Awww This is for you guys who don't like cats, come on if you saw this little guy you'd keep him!

I wuv you, Mommy!



Mom with kitten

Mom and me.

oh my goodness, all the kitties ♥

A nap is always welcome

Mama's love

Adorable! ≡^.^≡

I have days like this

sooooooooo cute!

Two rescue furballs love their bottles. They are both girls and quite demanding when it comes to feeding time. At that age, they were fed every two hours around the clock. Gimme! My turn!

Cutest kitten