Barn Owl

Snowy Owl

Natural affect from light reflecting off the back of the owls eyes. This is how they absorb so much light that they can see at night. God is amazing!

beautiful owl

Owl in flight.. <3



Owl pups

"Barn Owl" Again, I have never seen barn owls with these colors! They are simply beautiful...


The Barn Owl is one of the most mysterious birds in the world. The bird is also the most widely disseminated and is found all over the world. The owls make a funny sound that can be heard kilometres away in the night. They have deep sited eyes with a distinct colour of white heart shaped on the face with ears hidden and not on the same level for left and right. The owl has also been christened many names including white owl, monkey faced owl, night owl, death owl, rat owl, cave owl etc.

Snowy Owl on the Hunt


owl by nigel pye

Thought of the little bird that wakes Cinderella up when I saw this ^_^ <3

Mesmerizing stare...Snow Leopard


Beautiful bird in the snow

Black and White Barn Owl Photography Print