“Love Story” chalkboard. What a cute thing that would be to have displayed at the reception!

good idea!

"Chucks"for the reception...to dance the night away

love story chalkboard


Mason Jars w/ Chalkboard paint....maybe?

Our Story- Wedding Reception Poster

sooooo cuteeee!!!!!


My Dream Wedding, Love Story Wedding, Chalkboard Wedding Signs

Wedding sign 11x14 print- our love story- he stole her heart- stole his last name- important dates- subway art- anniversary gift. $14.00, via Etsy.

Dancing shoes!

Write with blue for my something blue!!!!- From Charlene (Except with flats of course :) )

fun idea for reception

10 Things You'll Regret NOT Doing At Your Wedding.

Love the idea of a little chalkboard Instagram sign, maybe at the front of cocktail hour or by the doors leading into the ballroom

Photo Idea: Use this saying or do something different, and use the nicknames that you call each other.

who comes up with these cute things???

Personalized Father of the Bride Picture Frame by YourPictureStory. $65.00, via Etsy. @Keeley 'Krueger' Merrill 'Krueger' Merrill 'Krueger' Merrill Barton

Wedding Chalkboard wedding album idea