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I am rooting this lucky tomato branch that I accidentally broke off in the greenhouse. I have it soaking in a vase of water and rooting hormone. This is only day 3 and look at all those new roots... Wow! Good tip.

DIY Rooting Hormone

Make Your Own Rooting Hormone


13 Tips for Growing Better Tomatoes ~ One I didn't know is to put Epsom salt in the whole where you plant your tomatoes, Then water with Epsom salt water.

Brian's not going to like this! But I love onions! How to Grow Green Onions Indefinitely This is it guys — place a bunch of scallions with their roots in a glass full of water, then place in a sunny window. Cut off what you need to use in your cooking and the onions will literally regrow themselves almost overnight. No joke.

Tomatoes need calcium to achieve their full flavor potential, and calcium is often greatly lacking in our soils. 95% of a dry eggshell is calcium carbonate. When planting your tomato plants crush up (to powder) about 4 or 5 egg shells and put them in the bottom of the hole. Then plant your tomato on top. They'll provide calcium and prevent blossom end rot.

Homemade Monster Tomato Fertilizer recipe: 2-3 dozen crush egg shells 2 cups bone meal 1/2 cup Epsom salts 14 crushed aspirin (a natural rooting hormone!)

Grow your own ginger Takes about ten months starting from supermarket root. You can harvest the grass and cut pieces off the root and replant - it will keep growing

Tomato tip!

Forcing bulbs in water

Going on Vacation? 3 DIY Self Watering Ideas for the Garden!

Propagating rosemary

Save space and your zucchinis from pests by growing them upright in a tomato cage. What a great idea!

Rooting Rosemary in Water

Bottle Irrigation Tomato Plant #gardening #upcycle

Get Your Tomatoes off to a Perfect Start Enjoy your best crop of tomatoes yet with these 10 tips to get your tomato plants off to a strong start.

Tip for growing squash, Place the seeds AROUND the pot. When you water, you water inthe pot so the water comes out of the drain holes around the bottom for deep root watering

Root Crop Storage Bin- root veggies like carrots and beets will stay fresh all winter and even grow sweeter in this storage bin. Just fill with layers of damp sand or sawdust, alternating with layers of carrots or beets, and put in a cool, dark place. Potatoes, turnips and squash can go right in the bin without sand.

WOW! Tomato Grafting. AMAZING results in one season in half the space... I'm impressed. graphing cuts 1-2