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    Love it! wine calories glass, but must admit I don't want to know on my own wine glasses as they are big!

    Yup! There are those whom are asleep, resting up for a busy day tomorrow. Then there's me... awake... wine-in-hand... pinning.

    i define wine not by it's age in years, but by it's price. Five dollars and under is fine with me.

    They should put more wine in a bottle.... So there's enough for two people.

    I drink wine because I don't like to keep things bottled up.

    I want and can't wait for some good quality time with my favorite girls! We have all gone in a different directions pursuing our goals and live in different cities now - being able to share the holidays with them is one of the best parts! - Wine is also on my wishlist! lol ♥ Please follow me on Instagram username: Vmlarco ;) cheers

    I wish my house wasn't such a disaster all of the time, but folks won't quit writing books and making cheap wine. Assholes.

    Wine, crackers and cheese are just adult versions of apple juice, goldfish and cheese sticks.

    Girl's Guide To Navigating the Wine List | GirlsGuideTo

    How to pour wine. Some days you just need a little extra.

    If I were to give up sarcasm, that would leave interpretive dance as my only means of communicating.