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Kanye West and Kim Kardashian having a baby together is the first sign that the apocalypse is coming soon.

YOU TAKE THAT BACK. I love Drake and Josh haha

Drake and Josh. One of the best shows ever.

=) ...What the hell is a croc meant to be? They're going to have to wear a large scaled mammal? I is confused....

Drake and Josh. One of my all time favorite sitcoms.

Drake and Josh. U have to know the show to get it. And did u say it in his voice!? I think u did. Now go ride the demonator!

drake and josh...i really wished that they would do an episode when the last Oprah came on and when she announced it....could have made some money

Oh the episode where they got stuck in a treehouse LMFAO

I'm going to decide after the fact that I had a crush on Josh when I was little. There. It's done.