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Orangutan mother and playful baby, photo by Suzi Eszterhas Daily Awww: Whats better than cute animal pics? Hi res ones HQ photos) Baby h.

Asian elephant: "Estimates vary, but there are probably fewer than 30,000 Asian elephants left, mostly in India and Nepal.

Asian Elephants Here in Maine we have 2 that have been saved and retired form the circus. They are receiving therapy for their injuries and have become a wonderful educational experience to schools and the public. Look up Hope Elephants, Hope, Maine.

“First keep the peace within yourself, then you can also bring peace to others.” ..*

"Only in an open, nonjudgmental space can we acknowledge what we are feeling. Only in an open space where we're not all caught up in our own version of reality can we see and hear and feel who others really are, which allows us to be with them and communi

Asian elephants | Photo courtesy of elephantfamily.org                                                                                                                                                                                 More

C'est l'histoire de la viiiiiiie

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"Smaller than either of their African relatives, Asian elephants survive in 12 countries, including India, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia. Their skin is less wrinkled and usually freckled in appearance, especially on their trunks. In northeast Borneo there is a population of pygmy elephants which are a third smaller again and believed to be a subspecies." www.bradtguides.com

'Games of young males, Asian elephants, Sumatra, Indonesia' - photo by Cyril Ruoso/Biosphoto/Steve Bloom

Asian Elephant

Asian Elephant - I lost a Scattergories game once because I said elephants have spots - I've been researching them for years. Yes, I'm still bitter!