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It's just who I am

And it's usually horribly wrong stuff. Things that should have been added or things that didn't even happen in the book that Hollywood deemed necessary. My husband hates that I do this.

bookconfessions.tumblr.com #644 - It's almost impossible to do, under any circumstances.

This is so true for good books. You just find time to read them, wether it's day or night.

which maybe explains why I rush through the last few pages of a book -- sometimes to the point where I have to retrace those pages, once I 'recover' from the ending!

I love that sad-happy feeling I get when I finish a novel. (this is so true. there's always a bit of a mourning period, LOL)

That's happened afew times

I once was convinced that I had cancer because of reading "Side Effects May Vary". I realized five minutes later that I, in fact, did not. (Five Minutes Quotes)

I usually never do this because I'm really bad at describing things so I usually just say a book

I usually never do this because I'm really bad at describing things so I usually just do the second thing

Problems of a book nerd: Getting second-hand embarrassment when a character in a book does something awkward. EVERY TIME!

this is so much more great than seeing an actual movie.

"Bookfession After a couple of minutes of reading the words disappear and a movie with every detail plays in my head.

Modern  Chokers Simulated Pearl Collar Necklaces

Glow sticks only last for so long so, how.>>>>it doesn't have to be glow sticks, the book just have to have a special paper that glows in the dark and changes colour.

Usually a Jane.Austen

Nerd Girl Problem 419 - When You Use Your Favorite Insult From Your Favorite Book And The Person Has No Idea They Were Insulted.lol one time I called someone a MUDBLOOD lol

Or it just wasn't long enough...*cough cave scene *cough... Beach scene better make up for it...

Or the book in general wasn't in the movie. *cough**cough**Percy Jackson**cough*<<< oh my YESSSSSSHHHHHHHH<<<< Divergent. soo many scenes from divergent


BOOKS FOR LIFE My life goal is to open this store and live in it. I will also have a bed and breakfast style set up where you can stay the night reading these books of awesomeness!

Lol xD

The Hunger Games, Divergent, The Maze Runner, EVERY Percy Jackson book, pretty much any Rick Riordan fictional book.