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Zombie killing weapons<--I'm pinning this for you, Rachel.

A shank or shiv is a slang term for a sharp or pointed implement used as an improvised knife-like weapon. The shank is the favored weapon of inmates in prisons across the world. It is famous for its versatility - a shank can be anything from a glass shard with cloth wrapped around one end to form a handle, to a razorblade stuck in the end of a toothbrush, to a sharpened spoon. Some inmates have even sharpened the ends of pork chop bones to make them into weapons.

Matchstick art by Pei-San Ng

Liter of Light: Solar Bottle Bulb by Amy Smith, water + bleach as a cheap alternative to other light sources

You're probably hoping that you'll have an entire arsenal of automatic, semi-auto, shot guns and rifles at your disposal. if you're like me,and most people, you won't. Improvise. Make the best of what you got. No barbed wire? hammer some nails in the end. From Canada? use a hockey stick.

Spike bat........barb wire is a better idea but this is not bad

Can be used for numerous things. Hunting, personal protection, window breaking, digging.