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  • tattooesue

    Black Minimal Swallow Neck Tattoo #Backtattoos, #CuteTattoos, #Minimalistic, #Necktattoos

  • Emily Laak

    tattoo ideas

  • Francesca Fontana

    The swallow was also symbolic to Christianity. To many Christians, the swallow represents the resurrection and rebirth. It also represents a new life or new beginning. In Japan, the swallow represents devotion to family and motherly love. The meaning behind this belief is because the swallow chooses a partner and they mate for life. Meaningful tattoo. Swallow tattoo. Neck tattoo. Simple tattoo.

  • Lauren Kraft

    i think little bird tattoos are cute.:)

  • Nicole Esposito

    This is where I would get a tattoo

  • Anna-Taylor Elliott

    The sparrow represents love. I am a Greek mythology buff and especially love that the sparrow was associate with Aphrodite, the goddess of love. I want this tattoo


    tattoo placement

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This is my 6th tattoo. I got it in memory of my 4 great grandmothers. I grew up with all 4 of them and they all died within a year of each other (when i was 22).  The sparrows always return to the same location when the migrate. In addition, once they find a mate they always keep them. As a maritime/sailing tradition it symbolizes that no matter how far a sailor travels, they will return home and be faithful. This tattoo is by Wes Schulz at DreamsCollide in Lancaster, PA

Tattoo Submission: Cec (Norway), a beauty post from the blog Tattoologist, written by Natalie Hanks on Bloglovin'.

Remember how I want a dream catcher tattoo on my back calf and you said wtf...well, lookit how cool this is!

I have always wanted to get a tree tattoo but haven't found the right one yet. I really like the look of this one. It's just the right size.

Love the location of the Tattoo. Plus the feather is very pretty.

I will fear no evil for thou art with me