DIY Dome Tent by obsessivelystitching: Made with hula hoops and a king size bed sheet!

Hula Hoop Dome Tent! This adorable kid-size dome tent was made from hula hoops and bed sheets. The whole project cost less than ten dollars! Materials: * 5 large hula hoops (84" - 90" circumference) * King size flat or fitted sheet or a twin sheet set. I recommend that you use fabric without a directional pattern. Very creative website

Life size Lincoln Logs made out of pool noodles...must try

These are so easy to do with pillows and cases. They can fold into chairs, loungers, beds, or make a fort with two of them. Check out the pics on How to make a pillow chaise for children -

DIY Cardboard Dome Playhouse...cover with fabric

Build your own junior loft bed for about $50! Step by step directions! -

Magical fairy fort from PVC pipe

Hobby Lobby Project - Hoops Of Fun! - Hoola Hoop Tent Design

How to make a hooded towel. We received this as a gift and it is the BEST towel and full size.

Mug with a hoop!

DIY: hula hoop tent

bike trailer

DIY Easy Summer Hack To Make a giant outdoor water bed for the kids. !Genius

somebody please do this for my kids. sew 5 pillow cases together, and insert pillows.... best movie night seat

Card table playhouse tutorial - this is genius! and it even says "Wyatt" haha awesome!

Doll Mattress - how to make one for any size doll bed. Cute. ohh, finally, I can make a 'real' mattress for my old doll crib (yes, I still have it from the 50's) and for the cradle's that my husband made our girls. thank you for this post.

How to make a play tent using a king sized sheet and five hula hoops!

How to make a hula hoop rag rug. #DIY I might use something other than old t-shirts...maybe...

diy tents for kids

HABA 'Rose Fairy' Play Tent available at #Nordstrom

Play tent for dining room table -- too fun!