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4Th Grade Math Art

Art Math

Art Grade

Hands On Math 3Rd Grade

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Fun math activities for 2nd - 4th grade

Smith Curriculum and Consultingfrom Smith Curriculum and Consulting

Math in Art – 15+ STEAM Projects!

Art Integration Lesson Plans

Arts Integration

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Math in Art

Bloglovin’from Bloglovin’

copenhagen // black & white

Geometric Shapes Art Projects

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Math Art Projects For Kids

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Terrific Geometry

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Pass the Paper! Math art collaboration project

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Geometry Pages | Waldorf Teachers Gallery

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6Th Grade Geometry

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Lego Perimeter

Teaching Perimeter

This website has some great math ideas!

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Move Farther

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Math Timed

Timed Tests

Looking for an extra math tool to get your kids into math? Loads of games that cover geometry, arithmetic and logic as well as instructional videos by a man dressed up in animal costumes. Really helpful and fun site for math.

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Fun Educational Activities

Using paint swatches in the classroom - many great ideas listed in the blog and the comments.

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Kinder Dual

Gr1 Maths


What Do We Do All Dayfrom What Do We Do All Day

The Easy Way to Make Groovy Tessellations with Kids

Simple Tessellations

Activity Tessellations

Tessellations Pattern

Tesselation Art For Kids

Math Art Activities

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Combine math learning and art in one project and teach your kids about tessellations.

Addition Of Fractions

Dividing Fractions Games

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Fractions Decimals Percents

Grade Fractions

Fraction Multiplication Games - This is a great website with resources for all kinds of in class and online math games for every topic.

Fraction Decimals Percents

Equivalent Decimals

Decimals Activity

Fractions Decimal Place

School Decimals

Operations With Decimals

Ordering Decimals

Fraction Activity

Top Decimal

The Top Decimal Math Games For Teachers To Make Decimals Easy...This site gives games/activities for decimals, fractions and percent!

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Need to review math operations clue words with your students! Here are some activities for you!

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Sugar Aunts: Math Art Activities

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4th grade hands on math activity with pizza fractions

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what is mathematics?

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Love to Learn: Math Games!

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2015 Movies

Spiked Math Comic - The Movie Math Quiz Part 2. Many other quizzes on the actual website What a great activity for the beginning of class or to leave with supplies!

Decimals Students

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Percent Foldables

Math Activities by grade level (2nd - 4th)

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Long Division

Art And Math Lessons

Teaching Math Through Art


Runde's Room

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Awesome ideas for Interactive Math Journals