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    Civilization-Egypt CGI image, Maxam toothpaste ad campaign (“Don’t let germs settle down.”), by JWT Shanghai, China.

    BrightDay etsy

    Using trash bags, unused grocery bags and plastic sheets, Pakistani artist Khalil Chishtee creates life-sized figures wracked with emotion. He uses these materials as a metaphor for "recycling our identities" or braving the problems of life.

    Angelic Love Painting - Akiane Kramarik

    Akiane says: This is the painting about inspiration. When we are inspired, we soar, yet we are focused. That is why inspiration seems so heavenly.

    "The Hourglass," by Akiane, age 10 (acrylic on canvas; 36 by 48 inches). "The underwater light formed in the shape of the hourglass represents eternity," Akiane explains in her 2006 book, "akiane: her life, her art, her poetry."

    The Evening Swan," by Akiane, age 9 (acrylic on canvas; 54 by 54 inches). "One evening, a swan flew by me so closely that I was able to feel her feathers," Akiane recalls. "I felt quite lonely that night, feeling a huge difference between what I saw in heaven and what I saw on Earth. She was the answer to my prayers."

    love this, by Akiane, how you can see the model. Funny thing is though, that the painting almost looks more real than the model herself... amazing

    Akiane Kramarik (born July 9, 1994) is an American poet and artistic prodigy. At age 4 she had a life-changing spiritual transformation, bringing the family to God and she started to draw and paint. Akiane, since then, has demonstrated an extraordinary gift for art and poetry. Keenly intuitive, observant and deeply religious, Akiane insists that her gift is from God, and it is this powerful belief that inspires her.

    "I Am" - akiane kramarik, age 17

    Akiane Kramarik-child prodigy artist.

    More Akiane!

    Akiane artwork in her words "...One morning I woke up earlier than usual, and right away I decided to paint, but I could not find any canvas in my studio. My family was still asleep, so quietly, still in my pajamas, I searched my art closets and found one small canvas that I'd worked on a few years ago, but later gessoed it in black. After my prayer I began painting a young woman's portrait. next to a branch of fruit. Suddenly I felt God say, blend all the blend all the races, because thi...

    Mother's Love, Akiane Kramarik. The artist's words: "I painted Mary in a silky blue robe surrounded by a background palette of cerulean, cobalt and Persian blue. This is how I interpreted the vision of baby Jesus and his beautiful young mother. The robe connects both of them as if there were one. Mary is the symbol of love, warmth, affection, tenderness and devotion. Her story is the story of love and faith."

    Akiane Kramarik-the little girl pictured painted this picture!

    If I could paint well I would so do this (DIY). Maybe Kaylee Case will see this pin and make me one for Chritmas!?! wall art - Bouclair Home

    NATTIER Jean-Marc - Paris (1685 - 1766) ~ portrait of a young woman painter

    Floral Heart by Hello Angel Creative, via Flickr

    fleur3 by Marie-Claire Moudru

    Linda Griffin: Watercolorist


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