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I am totally adorable.... !

"Cute baby monkey" is a previous comment. This cutie is actually an ape, chimpanzee maybe.

Baby Face

This is Loango, a crown male Mangabey monkey, who was rejected by his mother shortly after birth. The baby was born on March 2012 at the Jardin des Plantes's zoo in Paris. He's being hand raised by zookeepers.

Baby otters

Four sleeping baby otters. They're otters! - Let's search the whole Pittsburgh zoo for otters, k?

@Sydnee Kuster If this doesn't make you smile, I don't know what will!

I want a monkey in overalls. I WILL have a monkey in overalls :)

baby Langur  ... langur is the general name given to numerous species of Asian monkeys.  The colour of the young, born singly after five to six months’ gestation, differs from that of adults and possibly serves to arouse the protective instincts of the adults. Mothers are protective but allow other females to help care for the young.  The gray, or Hanuman, langur of the Indian subcontinent is almost black when newborn and gray, tan, or brown as an adult.   found in China, Vietnam and Laos.

Baby Silver Langur monkeys are born orange in color, then turn to a dark gray color as they age. The cutest monkey EVER!

“ Monkeys in the Wild by babasteve ”

Monkeys in the Wild YES.I have BIG ears.-) Monkey in the wild -- south India between Bangalore and Mysore

Let me kiss it and make it all better....

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