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  • Hannah Kathryn

    SWEETEST THING EVER- definitely just cried my eyes out. most beautiful proposal video i've ever seen!

  • Heather Mickel

    DEAR FUTURE HUSBAND, THIS IS THE PERFECT PROPOSAL. I could watch this 18937473 times. Every girls dream! Be prepared to cry.... How freaking cute!

  • Sarah Hafner

    Best proposal video ever. The things he said are what every girl dreams of hearing.

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Aww geez. The hand on the cheek and then the arm raised in victory, so SWEET

perfect proposal - on a boat with our families friends ready to celebrate - someone please tell my future fiancé

custom disney/pixar up inspired engagement ring box...adorable. No really, this is what i want!!

One of my friends best be told about when I'm going to be proposed to (or my boyfriend needs to figure this out) so I can get pictures like this.

every girl deserves a picture like this ♥

reasons to hire a photographer for the proposal...I feel like this should be a requirement.

THIS is the reaction every bride goes for. Got chill bumps.

This is the absolute best idea ever!!!! please someone tell whoever proposes to me to do this!!!!