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My great aunt Marine used to have a bright pumpkin orange clock like this... Only it was an owl instead of a dog.. And it's eyes looked back n fourth with each tick tock.... That's what kind of clock it is! Very vintage that's for sure! :)

Gasp! If you ever see this in an antique store, contact me immediately. Thank you.

.They said short but GEEZE!! someone needs a ruler.

@Ena Calderon - this is the kind that I was petting at the vet -.-

*Look at the camera...Libby Hall Collection. Love to see these old photos. I have to wonder when did they start cropping tails? Mine have natural tails and they are glorious

hacked my girlfriends pintrest and just wanted to tell her thank you for everything she has done for me! love you baby!

He is like my big brother(mom told me no way he was)

They match your ugly christmas sweater. Vintage poodles photo

Poodle E via Marlys Endo Rickel Graphic Design

My poodle looked exactly like this when I first got him in 2000! He's now 13 years strong and still fluffy. Poodles are a great breed to look into. They are top 4 smartest dog breeds in the world, and very friendly!