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How Yoga Changes Your Body Infographic

Open the chest with yoga

Yoga Shirt, too cute! "For you yoga renegades who indulge in the occasional burger, have never been to a shakti dance class, and admit to not always knowing your asana from your elbow. Cheers to your open mind and open arms to the unique and dedication to your own badass brand of yoga. You are One Bad Yogi, and girl, we like you."

"The place where you are now is vital. Never avoid what you must face. Challenge your circumstances and steadily persevere. The path toward victory opens from where you stand." ~President Daisaku Ikeda

The Buddha said that we are never separated from enlightenment. Even at the times we feel most stuck, we are never alienated from the awakened state. This is a revolutionary assertion. Even ordinary people like us with hangups and confusion have this mind of enlightenment called bodhicitta. The openness and warmth of bodhicitta is in fact our true nature and condition. Pema Chödron❤️☀️

“Mindfulness is the aware, balanced acceptance of the present experience. It isn't more complicated than that. It is opening to or receiving the present moment, pleasant or unpleasant, just as it is, without either clinging to it or rejecting it.” ~ Sylvia Boorstein <3 lis

Buddhist Lotus Flower (Padma) According to Buddhist principles, the heart of a person who has not attained enlightenment is the embodiement of a lotus that has not blossomed yet. Once enlightenment has been reached their heart becomes a lotus in bloom. This is why depictions of Buddha often show him seated upon an open lotus flower.

Perhaps They Are Not Stars But Rather Opening in Heaven Where the Love of Our Lost Ones Shines Down to Let Us Know They Are With Us!

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CHAKRAS painting yoga art reiki energy YOGA PAINTING spiritual painting framed painting prana

I think this Chakra painting has a very special Energy and a beautiful design. Knowing about your personal Energy system of seven main Chakras, and understanding how to open them up and keep the Universal Energy flowing is one of the most important things that each person needs to know.

Beautiful lapis mala beads. Notice the sun in the center of the palm, indicating the emanation of Qi. The Chinese call that point "Lao Gung" In SHEN therapy, we position that point quite precisely for physio-emotional release work. The Lao gung point is actually in the center of the palm. See for more info.