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The Magic of Mushrooms (Image courtesy of Paul Stamets / Fungi Perfecti) | Organic Spa Magazine

Articles on Mushrooms and Health by Paul Stamets

Love & Tofu | Debi Mazar and her husband, chef Gabriele Corcos | Courtesy of House Foods America | Organic Spa Magazine

from The Huffington Post

A Supplement-Free Way To Get Your Vitamin D

Part 2 of Paul Stamets very cool article about how to "charge" your mushrooms with vitamin D!

Healthy menu includes food from the organic farm at @Hippocrates Health Institute | Organic Spa Magazine

Paul Stamets and John B. Wells - Mushrooms Environment I love mushrooms even more now and I think I have a crush on Paul too ;)

The Beauty of Giving Thanks | #Gratitude #Thanksgiving | Organic Spa Magazine


Becoming Raw | Acid or Alkaline #pH Balance | Photography by Robin Jolin | Organic Spa Magazine

from The Huffington Post

The Mighty Oyster Mushroom: The Workhorse Of Gourmet Fungi

Paul Stamets