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Healthy menu includes food from the organic farm at @Hippocrates Health Institute | Organic Spa Magazine

Becoming Raw | Acid or Alkaline #pH Balance | Photography by Robin Jolin | Organic Spa Magazine

The Ultimate Detox Salad | Full of vitamins and antioxidants

Benefits of Quinoa for Skin - A Girl's Gotta Spa! ®

Cleansing Detox Soup || Immune-boosting, wholesome, vegan, oil free, and gluten free warming soup. Perfect for fighting off colds and flu while cleansing with natural, delicious immunity boosting whole foods. #glutenfree #gluten #recipe #healthy #recipes

Dr. Ozs 3-Day Detox Cleanse Be sure to drink lots of water!

Cure détox foie/vésicule

Growing Wheatgrass - Hippocrates Health Institute | Health Lifestyle Guide - Organic Foods

RAW FOOD - Avocado wraps. Liver cleansing raw food diet recipes for a healthy liver. Learn how to do an advanced liver flush protocol https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UekZxf4rjqM - and spirulina :)


Are you aware that cucumber juice helps bring down body temperature, is highly alkalizing and effective for removing uric acid crystalization in joints, like with gout. There may be a slight pain when drinking this juice – a sign of healing – it is the stirring of the old toxins to be eliminated. The celery [...]

How To Make A Healthy Apple Cinnamon Smoothie

A-Z, 26 facts about GMOs to help you get a better grasp on the issue. Health, nutrition and food.

Cool spa recipe - replace gelatin

Foods to buy organic. I try to buy as many organic items as possible. But this is a great organic starter list.

What You Can’t See, Can Hurt You | Dr. Brian Clement, co-director of @Hippocrates Health Institute | Wellness | Organic Spa Magazine

Healthy Foods: Healthy Foods tomatoes with spaghetti and some Alfredo sauce

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These easy recipes refuel your muscles #vegan #postworkout #recipes

Giveaway: 5 Gallons Organic Coconut Oil ~ $135 Value! | The Coconut Mama

The health benefits of eating more #fermented foods. #health benefits by #infographic