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How to have an out of body experience

Just Relax - 5/10/30 Minute Relaxation and Meditation Tips

For office or one of my seminars perhaps as a visual aid

MO SINGAPORE : a relaxing foot massage at spa



Time To Relax



3 of our FAVORITE Meditation APPS

... Dhyani Mudra: In this mudra, the back of the right hand rests on the palm of the other in such a way that the tips of the thumbs lightly touch one another. The hands rest in the lap. The right hand, resting on top, symbolizes the state of enlightenment; the other hand, resting below, the world of appearance.

Relaxing meditation space - covered with pillows and candles.


Divine Spark: The #Chakras. Yoga, meditation, mindfullness

Here's why everyone should be meditating


I would love to make some sort of meditation altar in my home. A relaxing place I can go to unwind and meditate.