Vintage skis, by Jon Muzzarelli


Frozen trees at lake Baikal, Siberia, Russia.


Head down the slopes. #MeetTheMoment


LVNP ski bettys

There are 3 places I feel genuinely safe. The mountain is one of them: Ski & boarding life.


Skiing at sunset in Norway.

ski + sun



Winter sunrise on the marshes

Skiing above Sorfjorden in Lyngen Alps, Norway. Norwegians are the worlds first skiers. In the 1940s there was one place to ski. In Idaho "Sun Valley". I believe it was built for a Sonja Henie Movie in the 1930s, early 40s. Few people tried the slopes. It caught on through movies etc. Sonja Henie - famous Norsk movie star. Winter sports, Skating primarily.

A family choosing a christmas tree from the forest. I used to go to the woods with my daddy to do the same thing when I was a little girl. Precious memories. More Winterwonderland Enzo See more at

winter wonderland


12 Beautiful Pictures on Incredible Places, Emerald Lake Lodge in Canadian Rocky Mountain

Love the summer but I can not wait to get back on my board!!