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    Setting Yourself Free with Eucalyptus Essential Oil | #Aromatherapy | @Amy Lyons Galper via Organic Spa Magazine Blog

  • No More Dirty Looks

    Setting Yourself Free with Eucalyptus Essential Oil | Organic Spa Blog |

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Stay Cool with #Aromatherapy | #Peppermint Essential Oil Tips | by Amy Galper B.A., M.A., Cert. AT, Executive Director and Founder of New York Institute of Aromatherapy, and Founder, Buddha Nose

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There are five oils most commonly used in modern Thieves blends that include: 1) Clove essential oil. 2) Lemon essential oil. 3) Cinnamon essential oil. 4) Eucalyptus essential oil. 5) Rosemary essential oil. If you blend these five essential oils together, you can make a powerful oil to fight a cold, flu, virus, or infection and much, much more…

Essential Oils for Skin Coaxed from leaves, roots, tree bark, fruit peels, or flower petals, essential oils carry a plant's very life force. Combined in different ways, these highly concentrated oils contain potent natural compounds that can be used for beauty and pampering.

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Summer Essential Oils. Lots of ideas for how to use essential oils!