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  • Victoria Codella

    Camel Pose, or Ustrasana, was our peak pose for Anahata or Heart Chakra. Vulnerably, we drop from our hearts backwards towards the earth until our hands can find a way to support us. This is a perfect metaphor for living life openly with acceptance in all of our relationships.

  • Madeline Gould

    camel and the sun

  • Kelly Ann

    .candle light pose

  • Caitlin Harvey

    Be a lamp to yourself (Buddha) - **Your Dose of Daily Yoga Inspiration** #yoga #yogi #yogaquotes #meditation #inspiration #fitness

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When Health is absent, Wisdom cannot reveal itself; Art cannot become manifest; Strength cannot be exerted; Wealth is useless; and Reason is powerless. ~ Herophilus- 300 B.C.

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3 poses to alleviate menstrual cramps. HERO’S POSE CAMEL POSE CHILD’S POSE I always want to throw a shoe at that silly commercial that says “have yourself a happy period”.  Here’s to having a cramp free one.

Treat yoga with the same enthusiasm you use when you dance in a room full of people :)

Yeah, I can totally do this.. Did this last week at Amy's.. She was sitting on my feet in the air. Too bad you missed it.

there's something so sensual about a woman's body. yoga forces you to get in touch with that.

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