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My interests are so diverse that I will always be on a quest for knowledge. Learning is my passion.

I wish I could credit the artist who designed this. Unfortunately, it is impossible to trace back :(

"She turned her can'ts into cans and her dreams into plans ..." ... one little baby step at a time. Yep, I shall make my goal happen. :)

Opinion is the lowest form of human knowledge, while empathy is the highest.

Here's to the nights that turned into morning with the friends that turned into family.

Turn your face to the Sun and all of the shadows fall behind you. Inspirational #quotes

Life in Black & White | #Understanding #LifeQuote | From Ellen Cutie ichwan - Google+

Proverbs 19:21. What I am reminded of every time I try and make plans for myself. I'm thankful He cares so much about me that He will quickly rid my life of the plans I have made for myself.

So true. I have always been a planner and need to learn to just let go and enjoy life day by day. There's no point in always trying to be one step ahead.

This happens to me so much, and I only sometimes get the chance to take those chances again. Pathetic, but YOLO.