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When this fan got to experience something he NEVER thought was imaginable due to his disability. Kindness proved him wrong. #GivingBack

When It Comes to Gun Control, the Bad Guys Have Won the Day (article) - Oh Henry, you had me at less bullets, more brains.

Random Acts of Kindness


Biker gang protects child abuse victims.

A chapter of Bikers Against Child Abuse based in Arizona help, support, and protect abused children. #kindness #faithinhumanity #protectingchildren #actsofselflessness #compassion #peoplehelpingothers

Faith In Humanity Restored

faith in humanity restored.



More reasons to have faith back in humanity...this brought tears to my eyes. I love the story about the flowers.


These kids are awesome…

I put this story in this category even though God isn't mentioned. But it surely WAS God that led this fine young man and a friend to search for this precious child who'd been abducted last July 13, 2013. He just had a 'feeling' that he'd find her... YEAH, THAT'S God! Temar Boggs is a TRUE hero and proves there's STILL hope for our country in SPITE of so much evidence to the contrary!

Marines are awesome…At the sea turtle triathlon for kids, a young man was competing with a prosthetic leg. During the run his prosthesis failed. So, the marines carried him in at a run.