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    MEGA LIST OF SUPERFOODS - DID YOUR FAVORITES MAKE THIS LIST? MOST POWERFUL FOODS: #yoga, #greenjuice, #diet, #food, #weightloss, #organic, #juicing, #detox, #health, #chocolate, #cacao

    9 Delicious Reasons to Eat Dark Chocolate

    Benefits of Cacao

    Where chocolate begins… :) Cocoa plant seed / Cacao

    Cacao into Chocolate

    Mocha Cookies with Dark Chocolate and Salted Pistachios. / Eat the Love.

    Dark chocolate sugar cookies

    2 Ingredient Organic Dark Chocolate Trail Mix Energy Bites, Rich With Antioxidants!

    Theobroma cacao (Chocolate)

    Cacao Beans means Chocolate!


    Eat tastier meals - Foods rich in #antioxidants and omega-3 fatty acids (dark chocolate, veggies, fish) prettify skin and could lower #heartdisease risk

    Dark chocolate espresso mousse

    Theobroma cacao, Chocolate

    *DaVinci Cabernet Sauvignon and chocolate were like two ships passing in the night that had a lusty, encounter and the love child resulted in this Cioccolato Cabernet Gelato. If you were ever curious as to what “sin” tasted like, this devilishly-rich gelato treat is, surely, it! ( :

    Salted dark chocolate espresso cookies


    Reasons to Eat Fruit


    Antioxidant foods