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sugar is an addictive substance just like cocaine. Once you detox yourself from it, your body stops craving it.

It's up to you, let it defeat you or keep fighting, and you will succeed!! It isn't life if it isn't a challenge

I need to tell myself this every time I go to the gym

Every. Damn. Day. - Need some inspiration? Visit me:

Click the picture to read my blog on Accountability and Challenge groups, how and why they work and how it helped me lose 136 lbs.

Absolutely!! If your too busy to eat right or exercise, then why are you not to busy to watch a movie? Results come from not talking but ACTION!

It's about getting out there and changing your mentality. Who cares if you come in first or last if you're improving YOU!

Focus! I need to think about how it's not even been a year since my knee surgery and here I am training for a half marathon. Might not be as fast as I'd like but I'm still doing it and that sure a long way to come from barely being able to walk. Repinned by Fifty States Half Marathon Club™ www.halfmarathonc...