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Make your own chemical free air freshener using essential oils and your existing air filter.

Easy ways to combat indoor air pollution and odors (and make your house smell great!)

37 DIY Home Gifts That Only Look Expensive: While some people live for the thrill of holiday shopping, many hate the idea of braving the deal-hungry crowds during Winter.

This Glass Marble Tiled Table was done as an bedside table, but it would be great to perk up a patio table too! The marbles are available at any dollar store, so this project is inexpensive too! Found at www.subwaytileout...

Outdoor fireplace, Painted Brick Design, Pictures, Remodel, Decor and Ideas - page 14

Probably just a little too 'American Hotel' style, but still nice. Outdoor Furniture.

Backyard Pizza Ovens - But in this case, I want this to be my next indoor fireplace / oven contraption thingy. gorgeous.

plastic table cloth decorations - change colors and use for Halloween Party

Easy! Done! Totally doing for our outdoor space here and in CT!

Backyard DIY bench

put a weight in the bottom of your outdoor curtains to keep from blowing around too much

Use mattress pad instead of expensive foam for DIY bench cushion!

Starry String Lights - would be cute in kid's room or on a porch

DIY Patio Table with Built-in Beer/Wine Coolers

Replacing The Broken Glass on Our Patio Table with a linoleum remnant & plywood -

How to turn a shower curtain into a patio tablecloth with umbrella hole. No Sewing Required - by Pretty Handy Girl

If you are building an outdoor table, why not custom make ice bucket trays? How cool is this???

Upcycle Upcycle Upcycle! 21 new uses for old things--these are AWESOME! #upcycle #repurpose

Here is a nice green idea of turning the old tyres into beautiful teacup planters ! Video turorial--> #diy #planter #gardening

DIY Ideas How to reuse Old Tires

That is really different... I like it This has given me idea's for the old tires in the garage.

Cute pop-up card

Fireworks made with a Fork and craft paint, quick and easy craft ideas for kids, 4th of July art projects #JULY4th, #fireworks, #KidCrafts

Little Clever ideas to improve your kitchen

10 Awesome Canvas Projects