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Star Wars

"It'll most likely fall off again anyway" A "Wookie the Chew" illustration by James Hance

This can offend a lot of people. Oops?

Parenting skills are important for forming young minds to know the difference between good Star Wars and crap Star Wars

I feel oddly patriotic

May the force be with you

when worlds collide. Trek Wars by ~Eduardo76

Truer words were never spoken.

Do you like star wars ?

"A biped of very little brain" A "Wookie the Chew" illustration by James Hance

Stormtrooper Car

AT-AT ~ stupidest design for a war machine EVER. 'Oh, however WILL we stop them? Let's tie pieces of string around their legs and they'll just fall over!'

Caroling with Yoda!

The ships of the Star Wars Saga

demotivational posters | The Best Demotivational Posters - Part 5

This is ridiculously funny.

An adorable Star Wars/Calvin and Hobbes mash-up by James Hance

Of course there's the Enterprise in Star Trek. But then there's also Serenity :)