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Hahaha oh math jokes! This is too funny!!!!!

Know Your Cooking Angles

Go stand in the corner to get warm. Why? Because it is 90 degrees. A bit corny, I know, but will be fun to project up in my classroom when we study angles.

The Real Reason Lori Had to Die --- OMG, This is hilarious!!! I never realized Rick was in Love Actually! HA! :)

Math Jokes! My math teacher once wrote this on the board, and she gave extra credit to the people who got it right.


You know you're a math nerd when you can find dance moves in calculus... So gonna show this to my students one day

Seven sins of a Mathematician-I pinned this for Jenna but I honestly have no idea what it means....

FINALLY been looking for this picture FOREVER litERALLY

My happy place is your happy place burning down. #quotes

my students think this is hilarious, but also roll their eyes....