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See my tips on allowance—def not for chores!—but how much, how often, and to spend on what?

The number one subject parents ask me about is allowance. At PTA meetings and dinner parties, I field more questions than a White House press secretary. “How much should I give?” “Should I pay my kids for household chores?” “Is it reasonable to make them save part of their allowance?” “What are the spending ground rules?” Get tips on my blog.

How Much Do You Give Your Kids For Allowance?

Once your kids reach a certain age — typically around 7 or 8 — the decision of whether or not to put them on the household "payroll"

Allowance 101: How much to pay, why, & how to make it work for everyone

Allowance 101: How much to pay, why, and how to make it work for everyone! Includes free printables. From

New study shows the average kid gets $800/year in allowance! Too much? Too little? Just right? Tips on my blog.

Some families say allowance websites help teach kids about money. I say: Use cash! Tune in to @MarketplaceAPM part 2.

Do allowance websites make families more (or less) money savvy? I went on public radio's "Marketplace" to discuss.

7 ways to make the most of your time while they are little. This is truly an amazing list for moms. - SUCH A GREAT LIST. This will be a must do in our home