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  • Victoria Monetta

    17 books worth reading

  • Katherine Quintin

    Summer Reading 2012 - Book Reviews for Women - Woman's Day

  • Smith Library

    Seemly a light summer read, this book is slightly more than meets the eye. It is mostly told from the point of view of Winn: a man lost in a sea of women he can barely comprehend. Winn isn't exactly a likable but he is sympathetic in his own way. A new England wedding is the perfect back drop for this story of the upper middle class behaving badly. Seating Arrangements is a smart and darkly funny social satire.

  • Liz Lesnick

    A social satire set in New England that's "deceptively frothy"?! Guess what jumped to the top of my summer reading list?

  • Weegie Haag

    Seating Arrangements Debut author Maggie Shipstead’s social satire about a three-day wedding weekend in New England would make a great indie film — adulterous father of the bride, flirty bridesmaid, doting mom, and all. A slow build teases you toward not just a satisfying ending, but an understanding of why people chase love.

  • Megan Bramlitt

    Book Cover Image. Title: Seating Arrangements, Author: by Maggie Shipstead

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Maggie Shipstead’s Sparkling Social Satirical Debut: Seating Arrangements

I just really, really liked this book. It's my first Stephen King, but I have a feeling there'll be more to come now. It does get a little bit long at parts, but overall, just a really solid, suspenseful, and great book!

Just heard about this on NPR; I don't like baseball, but this sounds like something I would enjoy.

"Thirty years after the publication of The Invention of Solitude, in which he wrote so movingly about fatherhood, Auster gives us a second unconventional memoir in which he writes about his mother's life and death. Winter Journal is a highly personal meditation on the body, time, and memory, by one of our most intellectually elegant writers."

Though “about” a cat, this heartwarming and heartbreaking tale is really about what it means to be human — about the osmosis of hollowing loneliness and profound attachment, the oscillation between boundless affection and paralyzing fear of abandonment, the unfair promise of loss implicit to every possibility of love.

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The Top 32 Popular Fiction Books for Book Clubs. Of the 32, I have read a total of 4. I already have 12 of the books on the list, but haven't read them yet. There are 2 books on the list that I tried to read, but couldn't get through. Finally, several of the remaining 14 books on this list are ones that I would like to read in the future. Overall, a great list!

The legendary Dolly Parton shares her heartfelt hopes and dreams for everyone. Expanding on the popular commencement speech Dolly Parton gave at the University of Tennessee, Dream More is a deeper and richer exploration of the personal philosophy she has forged over the course of her astonishing career as a singer, songwriter, performer, and philanthropist. Dolly elaborates on the four great hopes she wants us all to embrace: Dream more, Learn more, Care more, and Be more.