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  • Jennifer Moore

    Austeja Lithuanian Bee Goddess

  • Lisa McPike Smith

    AUSTEJA is the Lithuanian Bee Goddess with whom some interesting rituals are connected. It was believed that bees chose their own homes according to how generous the farmer was; when a queen hived off, the people followed until she set up a new location, after which the two families were considered linked through "biciulyste", a kind of kinship-via-bee. Goddess, connected to deep friendship, order within the family unit, strong work ethic, hospitality, and the sun.

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Austeja, Lithuanian Bee Goddess For millenia, bees have been incredibly important to numerous cultures around the world. In Lithuania, Austeja is the Bee Goddess, connected to deep friendship, order within the family unit, strong work ethic, hospitality, and the sun. Even today, one can find shrines to this living Goddess! With the travesty of the bees dying off, it seemed to me a good idea to honor the bees of the world with this doll. Without the bees, none of us would be here!

Austeja, surely. Q. Cassetti. from somewhere here: qcassetti.squares...

Austeja, Goddess of Bees - Austeja, the Bee Goddess of Lithuania, where the honeybee is a symbol of friendship: One way to call someone a friend in Lithuania is to call them “bičiulis“, which is derived from the Lithuanian word for bee "bitė". The Lithuanian word “medus” (honey) comes from the word “medis” (tree) because honey was found in the trees, and traditional beehives were logs.

Saulė (Lithuanian: Saulė, Latvian: Saule) is the Baltic Goddess of the sun. (artwork by lombrascura) Saule, the sun, rides each day through the sky on a chariot with copper wheels, drawn by horses who neither tire nor rest nor sweat. Toward evening Saule washes the horses in the sea, sitting on top of a hill, holding the golden reins in her hand. Then she goes beyond the silver gates into her castle at the end of the sea.

illustration of a honey bee with blue and gold background. #bees

bees/ oh I want this print

"Last night as I was sleeping I dreamt--marvelous error that I had a beehive there inside of my heart and the golden bees were making white combs and sweet honey from my old failures". Machado

Ritmas Tarabilda. "Deivé, Lithuanian Goddess"

Petit Cabinet de Curiosites

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