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      The American cockroach is the largest of the house-infesting cockroaches. They prefer dark, warm and damp areas like sprinkler valve boxes and flower beds. However, during extremes in weather conditions they will wander indoors for food and water.

    • Yolanda Alvarado

      DIY Roach Killer - One part powdered (not granular) boric acid (sometimes sold as a roach-killing powder, but often available in pharmacies (for making anti-pinkeye eyewash), one part white flour, one part granulated white sugar. Mix together. The sugar baits it, the flour makes it stick, and the boric acid kills them.

    • Patricia Royal

      DIY Roach Killer: Mix 1 part POWDERED boric acid, 1 part flour, 1 part gran. sugar. (Sugar baits; flour sticks; boric acid kills.) Place in backs of drawers & cabinets, under frige, stove, etc. Expect min. 3 cycles of progressively smaller hordes of roaches, lasting about 2 wks ea. Continue using til roaches are gone. Will harden in humid environs, so paper/foil trays may be needed. Boric acid is not highly toxic, but for external use ONLY, so place away from kids/pets.

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      DIY Roach Killer

    • Emily Rook

      DIY Roach Killer look! Just put out saltines! Easy! You're welcome.

    • Chrystal Gardner

      Zoom DIY: 5 Effective DIY Cockroach Killer Techniques

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      DIY Roach Killer Printable Make DIY Roach Food.

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      DIY Roach Killer Printable - My Honeys Place

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      Kill cockroach

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    Homemade Roach Killer To make a homemade roach killer, mix 2 to 3 tsp. of boric acid with equal parts of sugar and water to make a paste. Put it in the areas where roaches normally reside, and sprinkle it around the infested areas of your home. This method will eliminate roaches within two weeks.

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