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Folate is present in leeks throughout the plant (including the full leaf portion). This distribution of folate throughout the plant makes leeks a cardioprotective food. Leeks also provide a generous amount of Vitamin K which benefits every tissue in your body, helping to regulate blood flow. The chemical compounds found in leeks, such as sulfides, which help prevent & fight cancer by blocking the hormones & chemicals in the body that can cause cancer. #dherbs

full of antioxidants, 75% complete amino acids, tons of trace minerals and heaping helpings of potassium and vitamin c. leeks are a fine spring tonic for the blood and tune up the metabolism. <3

Zebrune Shallot Onion | Baker Creek Heirloom Seed (Cuisse de Poulet du Poitou) Gorgeous heirloom French eschalion

These mild and sweet alliums naturally hide a bit of sand and grit between their layers—here's how to clean them the easy way.

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Foraging for Wild Ramps and Incredible Flavor

Wild ramps are a delicate-looking plant that add some serious flavor to salads, pasta, lamb and more. They have a strong garlic flavor, and can be consumed from tip to tip. With their small white bulb, ramps resemble green onions but the leaves are something else altogether -- long, oval, and almost silky, with pointed ends. The pistil or stem is either red or purple.