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    Very true. I am a proud supporter of *well trained* pitbulls. It's the stupid humans we need to ban.

    • Hipsterwale 3,000

      This is so true. Please don't fear or hate pit bulls. They can be loving pets just like your yorkie or German Shepherd. We make them mean we make them fight. So please don't hate pitbulls.😐😭

    • misty edgar

      It's the humans fault. That's just cruel. Animals, dogs, anything is a creation of god they don't deserve to be treated like this!

    • Laurie Pascarella

      Isn't this the truth? Humans are the real "inhumane animals" . Take a look at the other side of the leash to find the "real" animal!!!!!!

    • Lindsay Haire

      YES! I hate when people pet my dog saying how cute she is then they ask the breed and I say Pitbull and they step away . I just want to say grow up.

    • Ellie Lewis🎶

      See some people thing that pit bulls or bull dogs or Rottweilers are mean but humans are to blame ONE of my friends thinks that all of the dogs like that are mean and hurt people bit humans did that and they have to fight to survive! Rottweilers are the most cutest sweetest dogs and she thinks they're mean!😡😔

    • sam gonzalez

      OMG this! i swear! when i was little we use to have a pitbull but then he passed away cause he was use to a human diet. anyways. this dogs are the nicest if well trained.

    • Sandra

      Yes, yes, and yes. I am a proud supporter of *well trained* pitbulls- in fact, well trained dogs! I've fostered dozens of pitbulls and they are the sweetest, gentlest softies :-) It's the stupid humans who do all of the above that we need to ban!

    • Xela Tarnelli

      Very true. I am a proud supporter of *well trained* pitbulls. It's the stupid humans we need to ban. This dog looks so much like my Lola, except she has ears and a tail.

    • Best Dog Breed Photos

      Pit Bulls really aren't treated right. #dog #pet #sign #quote #saying

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    Just a baby ♥

    This is such a fab picture!

    Dog loves cat. Cat taken away from dog. Dog is heartbroken. But in the end, it's all "for true love." How sweet is this exchange between two pets and their two owners?

    This says it all.

    Humans made me.


    Too cute!! and too true!

    A True Brother

    PITBULLS are just about the nicest dogs there are! Rescue one and change your life for the better - forever. Know FACTS!!!!!

    Well said.

    Barrington Oaks Veterinary Hospital-

    Tell 'em.

    So true

    So true!

    Amen to that! People should actually do some research before spouting off ignorant comments about what they think they know.

    Pit Bulls


    Wow this is very true and so worth sharing!! I am happy to say that I have always been the best artist that I can be to my furbabies and pray for all the ones that have not been so lucky!