Steampunk wall lamp

Tesla wall lamp - Donovan Design

the Orrery Chandelier: a hand-made steampunk styled lamp

Gazing Glory, Mixed-Media Steampunk Lamp by Larry Frederick. Go to to view more of his incredible creations.

pulley lights

Steampunk Gear table lamp

stunning coffee table steampunk industrial style

Fragments of Light

French Industrial Drafting table desk on Etsy, $2,390.00 OMFG! BABE!

Edison Light Globes, Part 2: Brassy & Classy Steampunk-Style Lamp Fixtures

Steampunk fireplace made from an old mine shell by artist Mati Karmin, AKA, what I will have in my apartment/house.

A cool pulley pendant lamp with two whiskey bottles and vintage filament lightbulbs. Great for the bar or home decor.

Awesome coil candle! My grandmother had one like this. But it was brass. I wonder...were...

steampunk lamp

Steampunk Coffee

steampunk lamp

Steampunk Lights

Steampunk ~ lamp


Steampunk lamps